Dosztányi Zsuzsanna – Group leader





Hajdu-Soltesz Borbála – PhD student

I have a background in biology and biophysics. I joined the group in 2015 and I have been a PhD student since then. My main research field is the systematic analysis of cancer mutations in order to find more detailed basics of driver – passenger differentiation. I participate in an other project in which we try to describe the multiple levels of the ubiquitination system in a cancer related point of view.

Pajkos Mátyás – PhD candidate





Szaniszló Tamás – PhD student





Erdős Gábor – PhD student

My research aims to understand the behaviour of protein-protein interactions mediated by short linear motifs [SLiMs] through structural analysis. I obtained my Master’s degree from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and i am currently working on my PhD in the group. Before joining the group, I was an investigator scientist in Dr Tamás Hegedus’s lab at the Semmelweis University